I bet this drone flies faster than your drone


Drone racing is the new RC toy past time for geeks and RC enthusiasts. The Rogue “Beta” FPV (first person view) drone from xCraft is not only wild looking, but this drone is wild in the air too. The Rogue flies like regular racing drones, but when you’re ready to really fly, you just flip a switch and ZOOM! The Rogue’s powerful rear “booster” motor that can achieve speeds exceeding 100 mph (160 km/h)! Can you say whiplash? The Rogue Beta is available in several configurations that start at $99.95 for the carbon fiber frame kit that you can use to build your own racing drone, up to the Noob kit for $999.95 that includes everything you’ll need to race this FPV drone like the pros. For more info visit xCraft.

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