Now your favorite lamp can charge your favorite gadgets


Picture this scenario… You’re all cozy on the couch or your La-Z-Boy recliner reading an eBook or surfing on your tablet when you get the dreaded low battery warning. At this point, you can get up and go find a USB charger or backup battery, or you can just plug it into your lamp and keep reading / surfing. Wait, what? How can a lamp charge your device? It can if it has a LampChamp in one of the bulb sockets. The LampChamp from OlensTechnology is an adapter that screws into a standard light bulb socket in a lamp. It provides another socket for the light bulb so the lamp still provides light, but the LampChamp adds a 2A USB connector that you can attach a USB cable and use to charge your devices. We’ve seen other solutions that will let you add USB connectors to wall outlets, but this solution looks much easier. Priced at $19.99, it installs in just a few seconds and provides an always-on USB port with a dedicated On/Off switch for the bulb. Having to deal with secondary On/Off switch might be a slight hassle, but the ability to charge devices while relaxing sounds like a decent tradeoff. You can find out more at OlensTechnology or buy one from Amazon.

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