Automatic’s car adapter goes Pro

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Automatic has unveiled their newest connected car adapter, the Automatic Pro. Priced at $129.95, the Pro looks almost identical to previous versions of their adapter minus the new color scheme, but this new version has 3G connectivity. I know what you’re thinking. Yay 3G connectivity, but boo for monthly subscription fees. Guess what? The Automatic Pro does not require a subscription. That’s right. It offers real-time connectivity with no ongoing service fees. Updated features include a car app store, real-time vehicle location tracking, a new and improved Crash Alert feature, check engine light diagnostic info, fuel level and more (these features may be different depending on your vehicle’s make, model and year).

I enjoyed reviewing the older version of the adapter and would love to see how it compares to the new version.

The new Automatic Pro is available for order from Automatic and will also be available through Amazon (although I don’t see it there yet).

6 thoughts on “Automatic’s car adapter goes Pro”

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  2. Ah – I was about to go to their site after getting an app update that said something about this Pro. Odd that they haven’t sent me an email about it. My regular one stopped reliably connecting to my phone a few months ago – I think it may have Bluetooth availability conflicts with my Pebble Time. So I might spring for this if it takes BT out of the equation.

  3. As a first-gen Automatic user, I was excited to read about the Pro version (right her on Gadgeteer!). The Automatic app wasn’t able to show the fuel level for my 2010 RAV4, so I went to (compatibility checker), to see if that’s been fixed. After putting in several cars, from different makes, I noticed that every single vehicle, even ones that support fuel level, had this disclaimer:
    “Note: Fuel Level feature not available with Automatic Pro”
    Buyer beware!

  4. Hey Julie, any idea what network this will use for 3G? Hopefully Verizon as that’s the only company that works in my area in Southern Ohio!

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