Minimalist pens, programmable LED light strips, wireless earbuds and more – Notable crowdfunding campaigns


This week I’m featuring four crowdfunding campaigns from Kickstarter that have caught my eye for being unique and worth checking out. Click through to check out this week’s list of notable Kickstarter projects.

Pen Uno

What is it?
The Pen Uno is a minimalist aluminum pen that uses the Hi-Tec C Coleto ink cartridge and can turn into a 0.5mm mechanical pencil with the change of two components.

Why do I like it?
When I saw this pen, I immediately thought it would be a great addition to my EDC. First of all, it uses a Hi-Tec C refill, which I like a lot. But the main thing that interests me is how thin it is while still having a barrel that it wide enough to comfortably hold and write. The barrel rotates in one direction to cover / protect the writing tip when it’s not being used and spins in the opposite direction when you want to write. I’m not really interested in changing the pen into a mechanical pencil but it’s a cool option for people who do.

*I pledged for this one.

Where can I find more info?
The Pen Uno campaign has already passed their funding goal of $7500 with 22 days left in the campaign. You can pre-order a pen for $25 with an estimated delivery date of November 2016. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

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MonoCharge Wireless Charging Station

What is it?
The MonoCharge Wireless Charging Station is a completely wireless modular Qi charging block that can charge your smartphone and your Apple watch.

Why do I like it?

I’m a sucker for Qi charging gadgets. This one looks good to me because it’s completely wireless. It’s a backup battery that can go with you and charge your phone or Apple watch. It’s made up of two parts that snap together in various ways to create a stand for your phone that will let you view the display while it’s charging or as a phone and watch charger that lets your watch become your bedside clock.

Where can I find more info?
The MonoCharge Wireless Charging Station campaign is still working towards their funding goal of $50,000 with 25 days left in the campaign. Pre-order pledge points for the MonoCharge start at $30 for the Apple watch charging module and go up to $99 for a phone charging module, watch charging module and a Qi phone case.  Estimated delivery date for the rewards is September 2016. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

ilumi Smartstrip

What is it?
The ilumi Smartstrip is a strip of LEDs that can be programmed with your smartphone.

Why do I like it?
The Smartstrip peel and stick LED light strips can be used indoors or outdoors, so it makes a fun addition to any everyday or holiday decoration setup. The app will let you program multi-colored sequences in any RGB color value including bright white. Each LED on the strip is individually addressable which means you can create highly detailed lighting animations. The app also will let you program the LEDs to change based on the beat of music.

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Where can I find more info?
The ilumi Smartstrip campaign is getting close to reaching their funding goal of $50,000 with 20 days left in the campaign. You can pre-order a 6.6ft long Smartstrip starter kit for $59 with an estimated delivery date of December 2016. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

ELWN FIT Earbuds

What is it?
The ELWN FIT Earbuds are Bluetooth earbuds that are completely wireless and come with 180 different ear tips and hooks for customizing the fit.

Why do I like it?
The variety of ear tips and hooks make me want to try these wireless earbuds with hopes that they would be a comfortable fit. I’ve tried similar earbuds and so far none fit well or are very comfortable for extended wear.

Another great feature of the ELWN FIT Earbuds is that you can charge them without removing them from your ears. They come with an infinity band wearable battery charging cable that attaches to each earbud and extends the runtime 6.5 hours.

Where can I find more info?
The ELWN FIT Earbuds campaign reached their funding goal of $50,000 36 minutes after launching. You can pre-order a pair of ELWN FIT Earbuds for $119 with an estimated delivery date of October 2016. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

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