Declare your love with Groove, the wedding ring of the future

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Who wants a platinum, gold, silver or titanium wedding band when you can have a silicone wedding band instead? That’s right, silicone. The same type of material that is used to make the wrist bands that declare your support for various charities and causes is being used to make rings. Why would you want a silicone ring instead of a traditional one? Rigid metal rings may look great, but they can be dangerous when worn in certain environments where they might get caught on something that could cause a serious hand injury. Groove rings are designed to be more flexible and light weight. They have grooves on the inner band that allows air to pass between your finger and the ring so moisture isn’t a problem. Groove rings are priced at $29.95 each and come in several colors and in two widths. For more info visit and Amazon where you can find even more brands of silicone bands.

5 thoughts on “Declare your love with Groove, the wedding ring of the future”

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  2. I’ve seen these used by law enforcement and firefighters. They need a brighter color though. Great concept but black looks like someone is grieving a loss.

    1. I dunno, I like the darker colors. Although “degloving” (If you are unfamiliar with the term, and have squishy dispositions don’t google that) is not something I’m worried about in day to day activities for myself, it’s a MAJOR worry for our machinists. We have a strict NO Ring, watches, jewlry, long hair, etc requirement here on factory floor. I’m not sure even this would be allowed. But It’s a cool Idea. For now tho I’ll just continue my removal routine for watch, ring and PPE when I enter areas.

      PS. Lathes terrify me, the Units we have at work won’t stop at removing fingers, they will suck your entire body into them, and spit you out as soup. One day I want to learn to use them, but I will pick a much smaller/evil version to learn on.

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