QALO wedding bands for active spouses

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How many of us find ourselves in this situation? You want to wear a wedding band to demonstrate your commitment to your spouse, yet your active lifestyle is not always compatible with wearing a traditional wedding band. Or perhaps you have an occupation like construction or factory worker or firefighter where rings on the job aren’t a great idea, or may even be forbidden for safety reasons. QALO wedding bands may be your answer. QALO rings [pronounced kay-lo] stands for Quality, Athletics, Love, Outdoors and are made from thick medical-grade silicone, so they are comfortable yet durable. They resist scuffing and scratching, are stable at high temperatures and are water resistant. Women’s versions are $15.99 and available in three colors (including Emerald Green, pictured here) and five sizes. Men’s versions are $19.99 and available in four colors (including Black, pictured here) and five sizes. Also available are 3-packs of rings if you want some variety. Circle over to for more info.

4 thoughts on “QALO wedding bands for active spouses”

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  2. Hmmm, a bit like John Cancy selling shower curtain rings as jewelry to gullbile girls in Planes, trains & automobiles!! If I have to show commitment through a piece of silicone then I have chosen the wrong partner!

  3. @Yeppers, Lex – If I’m not mistaken, these rings were intended to be used as substitutes for your actual wedding bands for when engaged in strenuous athletic or occupational activities, not as the actual wedding bands themselves.

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