Evodesk converts your old desk into a powered standing desk


The popularity of standing desks continues to grow, but there’s one thing about these computer accessories that can be annoying to most users… the method of adjusting them up and down. Customizing the height as you fiddle with knobs or hinged locking mechanisms can be awkward and dangerous if you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing. The Evodesk XE is a solution that will convert your existing work surface into a power adjustable standing desk. The desk features a 100% recycled wood desktop with a height range that can go from 0.5″ up to 20.75 inches with a motorized controller that can be set to 250 different positions. The Evodesk only weighs 40 pounds but can lift up to 100lbs at the touch of a button. Prices start at $379 but go higher if you add an optional keyboard platform or choose a different material for the desk. For more info visit evodesk.com

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