Fight fire with…fireworks?

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Writing relevant posts for The Gadgeteer could be a full time (and overtime) endeavor. Since this isn’t realistic for me, I focus on writing about things that can make a difference in people’s lives. I stumbled on this item during a recent lunchtime excursion into the internet, and although it’s not new, I don’t think it’s well-known and it could mean the difference between life and death. The Elide Fire Ball is a dry-chemical fire extinguisher that may be installed in potentially hazardous locations, rolled, or thrown into a fire. The ball measures 6 inches across and weighs about 3 lbs. Once the outside skin is burned or heated to 85°C it melts and causes an automatic detonation of the ball from within. The detonation occurs with a loud bang (> 120 dB, useful as a fire alarm) and creates a 322 square foot cloud of environmentally-friendly  ammonium phosphate that covers up to a 14 ft diameter. The ball has a 5 year active duty lifespan after which the unit may be disposed of normally.  I think the fact that the Elide Fire Ball can be used as a sentry system for protecting remote property, like a cabin in the woods, or near potentially hazardous areas, like a furnace makes it a unique and valuable invention. The Elide Fire ball may be purchased from for $129.99 with flat rate shipping included.

Another option is the ICEKEY Fire Extinguisher ball which is available on Amazon for only $49.99.


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