Forget about bulky VR headsets, this one from Brando is built into an iPhone case

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The popularity of virtual reality headsets is growing, while the physical size of these bulky accessories remains the same. However, that might be changing if this folding VR headset from Brando is any indication. This 3D headset is actually built into an iPhone case, so it’s easy to use anytime you need a virtual reality fix. Compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, the 3D Headset VR Glasses Case from Brando has the lenses built into the back of the case. When you want to use them, you just flip them in front of the display and hold them up to your eyes. You won’t have the same immersive feeling as traditional VR headsets since the sides are open, but it’s an easy way to carry a VR headset with you where ever you go. Brando’s 3D Headset VR Glasses Case is available now for $25. You can visit Brando for more info.

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