Michael Kors smartwatches are for those who enjoy fashionable wearable tech


Are you tired of the sometimes clunky looking smartwatches and fitness trackers out there? I myself, will always choose function over form, but come on, why can’t we have both? Michael Kors, a designer of high-end luxury accessories and clothing, must have thought the same thing. They have been working with Google to develop a line of smartwatches based on the Android Wear smartwatch platform that will work with iOS and Android smartphones. They will have customizable features such as different display faces that can be changed with a swipe and interchangeable leather and silicone watch bands (“glamorous versions for women and sporty versions for men”). They will receive app, email, and text notifications and will also have built-in fitness tracking and voice activated Google. The Michael Kors Access line of smartwatches will be available in select department stores and specialty stores like Macy’s starting this fall and prices will start at $395.

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  • yeppers March 30, 2016, 3:39 pm

    Rendered images are all well and good but I doubt the screen will look like this in real life!

  • Joe Mintsa December 26, 2016, 12:46 pm

    Just a question: will Michael Kors ever make a beautiful smartwatch like this one with a standalone option? – I mean one that takes a SIM card in it, and perhaps with a Camera…

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