Never lose your stuff again between the driver seat or passenger seat of your car and the center console


You know that black hole in your car? It’s that space between the driver’s seat (or passenger seat) and the center console – the place where things fall and are sometimes never found again. I’ve dropped things down there and sometimes I was lucky enough to retrieve the object. The Drop Stop is a product that prevents the loss of objects down that deep, dark and eerie path (have you seen what’s down there?! *shudder*). Drop Stop is a car seat gap filler that is made of neoprene with a small slot toward one end that slips over your seat belt buckle. It is spongy and flexible enough to fill the space in front of, around, and behind the seat belt buckle to prevent your stuff from falling into that space. Because it loops around the buckle, it slides with the seat when you adjust the seat, so you don’t have to worry about readjusting the Drop Stop. It is also black which allows it to blend in with any interior (it looks like a shadow). This clever object was featured on Shark Tank and is available from Amazon for $19.99. For this price, you will receive two Drop Stops (one for the driver’s side and one for the passenger’s side), a slide-free pad on which to set your devices, and an LED credit card light.

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