Avido All-In-One Flashlight, Bluetooth speaker, Micro SD Card MP3 Player and Power Bank review

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When I received the Avido All-In-One, I expected a nice flashlight for my bike with some extra bells and whistles.  What I didn’t expect was a really fun day trying it out.

The Avido All-In-One comes nicely packaged, as we expect of all our toys now.  The package contains the Avido All-In-One with an LED flashlight on one end and a speaker on the other, a clip to mount it to your bike handlebar, a 20 inch cord with standard USB connections on each end and a one-page instruction sheet.  The Avido All-In-One appears intuitive, with 4 buttons clearly marked; one for the flashlight, plus (+) and minus (-) buttons, and an on/off button marked with Bluetooth / MP3.

The flashlight:


Working the flashlight is easy; click the Flashlight button and the LED flashlight turns on along with a green LED indicator near the buttons.  Click it again and it’s off.  When the All-In-One is clipped onto the bike the light easily illuminates the road ahead, and since the clip is adjustable, I could direct it as needed.

Bluetooth streaming:

Clicking the on/off Bluetooth/MP3 button turns the LED indicator a blinking blue and plays a chime followed by a nice male voice saying “Bluetooth Mode”.  When pairing is complete, another chime is played.  Once paired, the Avido will automatically pair with that device when it’s turned on.  The blinking blue LED turns to a solid blue once paired.  The Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons were a little tricky for me.  I assumed they were for volume and was a bit confused when it didn’t work.  Actually taking the time to read the enclosed instructions sometimes works wonders and quickly cleared it up. (My bad!)  A tap will skip the track forward (+) or backward (-) according to the functionality of the app in use.   A press-and-hold will change the volume.  Easy enough.

Micro SD MP3 music:

Avido All-In-One micro SD card in slot

When a micro SD card is put in the micro SD slot the Avido All-In-One will play from the micro SD instead of attempting a Bluetooth connection. To access the micro SD card slot you have to pop off the silver flashlight end of the Avido All-In-One.   The instructions show pushing it at about a 45 degree angle to pop it off.  At first it was tight and I didn’t want to break it so I was pretty careful. But after the first pop-off, I got the hang of it and it’s no big deal. Once the end is popped off, the USB port and the slot for the Micro SD card are accessible.   The plus and minus buttons work the same, tap for forward/backward, press and hold for volume.

The battery:

Avido All-In-One USB

To test the battery, I played music for about 10 hours and then fully charged my iPhone before the Avido All-In-One ran out of juice.  Recharging the Avido All-In-One is easy too, pop the silver flashlight end off, connect the USB cable to the Avido All–In-One and the energy source.  While charging, the LED indicator blinks red and stops blinking when it’s charged. The cable included with the Avido All-In-One works for charging the All-In-One.  I used my own device specific cable to connect the All–In-One to my iPhone. The Avido All-In-One has a capacity of 2600 mAh, which is almost enough to completely refill the iPhone 6 Plus 2915 mAh battery.

The fun:

Ready to ride!

But all that is just how it works.  The fun is in what you do with it.  So I brought my bike out from its winter hibernation in the shed, attached the Avido All-In-One handle bar clip, inserted the Avido All-In-One, synced it up with my iPhone and went for a ride in the spring sunshine.  I’ve never used earphones/buds or anything in my ears when riding because I didn’t think it was safe. The Avido All-In-One allowed me to safely listen to music on my ride.  I could also listen to the birds in all the trees and my neighbors greet me as I rode by.  That is the special part.   I’m going to enjoy riding with my Avido All-In-One.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Avido. Please visit their site for more info and Amazon to order.


Product Information

  • Safe, earbud and hands free biking.
  • Easy volume adjustment while riding.
  • Incorporated flashlight
  • Light weight
  • Easily removable when parked, and easy to carry when removed
  • One more thing to keep charged
  • Sound quality is great for bike riding but not that great for an inside speaker

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