Blockhead lets your MacBook or iPad power adapter hug the wall

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Ten One Design, who are known for iPad accessories like their active styluses, have just announced an adapter for Apple MacBook and iPad chargers that allow the charger to lay flat against the wall. If you have ever used one of Apple’s wall chargers, you know that the power adapter sticks out from the outlet at a 90 degree angle. This orientation makes it easy to knock it out and also means that it takes up more space than necessary. The Blockhead adapter replaces the charger’s existing two-prong adapter, but has prongs that are oriented to allow the adapter to lay flat against the wall. The only downside to the Blockhead is that the prongs can not fold. So traveling with the adapter isn’t as convenient, but if you always leave plugged in, it’s a nice improvement. The Blockhead adapter is available for pre-order for $19.95 now at and is scheduled to begin shipping in April, 2016.

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    1. It’d be nice, but if you think about the design it’s impossible. There’s a center pillar in the attachment point – the Apple ones can fold down to either side of that, but this would have to fold through it.

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