Wake up happy with the Bedside Smartphone Vase

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If you’re a gadget lover, you probably like looking at your gadgets and admiring their beauty even when not in use. Oh, and smelling them…the smell of a new gadget, err…flowers is amazing!  This glazed stoneware vase doubles as a smartphone dock allowing you to charge your phone with your existing cord by threading it through the opening in the front. Wouldn’t it be great to start off the day with a mix of natures beauty and probably the coolest, most useful gadget you own?  This would even look great on a desk in the office with fresh flowers or even dried ones. It comes in two colors, white and light blue and you can find it at Uncommon Goods for $32.00.  It’s a gift with longevity…give the vase/dock as a gift and replenish the flowers often to show you care.

4 thoughts on “Wake up happy with the Bedside Smartphone Vase”

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  2. Hey there, quick question: does it work with Android smartphones? Or is it primarily set to be compatible with iPhones?

  3. Hi! I do not have one, but the way I understand the product is your current charger slides through a hole in the back/bottom allowing it to be compatible with any smartphone. Hope this helps!

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