i-loom takes friendship bracelet making to a new level

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Friendship bracelets weren’t a thing when I was a kid, but if they had been, I would have been all over it because I loved making things. Actually I still do. The i-loom is basically a loom that helps kids and adults weave their own bracelets out of colored string by keeping everything organized and pulled tight. But the loom uses one extra thing that takes your bracelet making to the next level – an iPad. Check out the picture above, see the iPad under the loom? The i-loom works with your existing iPad of any size which snaps securely in place. The free app includes five bracelet patterns to get you started.  The app has step-by-step animations and video that shows you exactly how to make the bracelets. As you make them, you earn points called loomies that you can then redeem for more patterns that are in-app purchases. The i-loom from Style Me Up is available now and is priced at $37.99 from Amazon.

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