The Wove Band – because your smartwatch is just too small

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Do you find yourself gazing at your smartwatch a little too long to read your texts? Perhaps your watch face is too small. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a larger display? What you need is the Wove Band made by Polyera.  Most of the outer surface of the band functions as a grayscale capacitive multi-touch flexible display (3cm x 15.6cm with a resolution of 1240px x 200px). The band is made of a “Polyera Digital Fabric Technology and E-Ink electronic ink film” which allows the display to remain on while using a minimal amount of energy. The Wove Band uses an operating system based on a modified version of Android 5.1 and runs compositions (which are like apps), has 4 GB of storage, 512 MB RAM, 230 mAh battery, 9 axis motion sensor (accelerometer, gyroscope), and has haptic feedback. The user can customize which compositions or applications to display on the band and have several running on the band at one time. According to TechCrunch, the band will connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0. Polyera is currently seeking developers who are familiar with “Java for Android, HTML5/CSS3/JS or graphics tools to apply for the Wove 0.1 prototype program.” They haven’t figured out the price just yet, but they are trying to get the device out to consumers by the middle of 2016. Please see the Wove Band website for more information.

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