Nike Vision Run X2 Sunglasses (EV0798) review

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There’s just nothing worse than exercising in glasses or sunglasses when they slip, bounce and fog up because of perspiration. When the Gadgeteer was asked to review the Nike Vision Run X2 Sunglasses, I volunteered to see if they might function better than others during exercise. What I found was that they are excellent sunglasses but are they worth the $176 price?




Package Contents

  • Nike Vision Run X2 Sunglasses
  • Carrying pouch
  • Quick instructions on the adjusting the temples and removing the lenses
  • Warranty
  • NOTE: They do NOT come with additional lenses

Design & Build Quality


The Nike Vision Run X2 sunglasses are very lightweight, made of nylon, and have adjustable silicone temples to ensure a good fit. The Transitions lenses are interchangeable and made of a polycarbonate material that provide 100% protection from UVA/UVB. They also have a Ripel Lens Coating to repel water, perspiration, dust, sand, salt, oil, and fingerprints.


The silicone nose bridge is ventilated to reduce lens fogging and it is adjustable to ensure a good fit as well.



If desired, the lenses are easily replaced by gently prying apart the open frame around the lens. Even though they have interchangeable lenses, there appears to be no option when purchasing the sunglasses to choose your preferred lens type. So, if you want a different type of lenses for you particular frames, you will have to purchase them separately.


The hinges are nylon as well.


There are metal screws to attach the arms of the sunglasses to the frame.


There is another metal screw that attaches the nose bridge to the frame.



After the proper adjustment, the temples of the sunglasses wrap comfortably around your head. It’s a snug fit but not too tight or too loose.


The ventilated nose bridge is also comfortable.


My first impression was that these sunglasses were much cheaper than their $176 price tag because they are lightweight and feel like they are made of inexpensive plastic. Upon further investigation, however, I found that they are made of durable nylon. The adjustable temples and nose bridge are very nice features to adjust the sunglass to your desired fit. Very little adjustment was necessary, but it is nice to have it available. The lenses curve around your face enough to almost completely cover your entire field of view and are also crystal clear and provide wonderful visibility.

During our tests, my husband and I found that these sunglasses are so lightweight that you forget you are wearing them when exercising. It was also a pleasant surprise that when running, the Nike Vision Run X2 don’t slip, bounce, or move at all and they have no problems with fogging thanks to the ventilated nose bridge (I’m guessing). In addition, they don’t hurt or feel uncomfortable in any way after wearing them for at least one hour. The sunglasses are also attractive and sporty as well as functional.

When evaluating the Run X2 sunglass, I discovered a few shortcomings. Even though the lenses have a coating to resist water, dust, fingerprints, etc., it is easy to get fingerprints on them. However, the fingerprints are easily wiped away using a microfiber cloth (or any other soft cloth). I also noticed that the Transitions lenses didn’t “transition” much (they didn’t get much darker when exposed to sunlight) and both of us felt that it would have been much more pleasant to have darker lenses when in the Texas sunshine. Moreover, these sunglasses are just plain expensive!

Final Thoughts

The Nike Vision Run X2 Sunglasses are comfortable, lightweight, durable, and adjustable. They don’t slip, bounce, or fog up; you may even forget that you have them on while exercising. They also have Transitions lenses that are interchangeable and provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. In addition, the lenses are crystal clear and cover most of your field of view. However, I was somewhat disappointed that the Transitions lenses don’t darken very much when exposed to the sun and that you are not able to mix and match your preferred Run X2 frames with your preferred lenses when ordering. So, if you want a different type of lenses for your frames, you will have to purchase them separately.

These are truly wonderful sunglasses but maybe not quite $176 wonderful. I may not have purchased these sunglasses at that price, however, there are some in my family who probably would because they are sporty, attractive, and functional.

Source: The sample used in this review was provided by Nike. Please visit their website for more information.


Product Information

  • Made of durable nylon
  • So lightweight you may forget you have them on
  • Transitions lenses that are interchangeable and provide 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Adjustable temples to ensure a snug fit
  • Ventilated, adjustable nose bridge to prevent fogging
  • They don't slip, bounce, or fog up when exercising
  • Sporty appearance
  • Very expensive
  • Can't mix and match Run X2 frames and lenses when ordering
  • Transitions lenses don't darken much when exposed to the sun

5 thoughts on “Nike Vision Run X2 Sunglasses (EV0798) review”

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  2. Essence Carson of the NY Liberty wears them. And if a pro basketball player can wear them without fogging that’s incredible.

    I wish these came in prescription lenses. I do several activities that I need no fogging.

    1. I was truly impressed with these sunglasses, but like you, Sandee, I wish they had a prescription lens option. I guess contact lenses will have to do (if the user is able to wear them).

      I also wanted to mention that these sunglasses were just the running sunglasses. They have others for all kinds of different sports and outdoor activities and each comes with different lenses that are useful for that particular environment.

  3. There is no way for sunglasses, or any tinted glass, to improve your night vision. In fact it reduces light transmission. What it does do is give you the impression of sharper vision by reducing blue light, which the eye does not focus well. It can be a very pleasing effect, depending on the wearer, and such lenses can be great for activities such as skiing in low light, where it reduces such scattered low light reflection off the snow and makes snow contours clearer. One of the finer lenses for these purposes is the RB50 lens, which starts off as mostly yellow in low light and progresses through brown to darker grey as light intensifies. Not safe for night driving or vision, though.

    1. I’m a little confused about your comment. I did not mention anywhere in my review or in any comment about desiring lenses that would improve night vision. I didn’t mention night vision at all.

  4. Im so happy! I just picked a pair up from TKMaxx for $20. Fit very well. Would happyly pay double or 3 times as much but not $180, thats just silly 🙂

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