Attention cat lovers! Who’s up for a game of Cat Jenga?

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Cat Jenga. That’s right – this game really exists. If you find yourself bored and feel the need to find all the different ways you can stack cats (’cause, heck, you haven’t stacked any cats lately), well then this is the game for you. I’m not so sure you can remove any of the cats as you would remove blocks to play the actual Jenga game, but you can have fun building with them! You could even lay them around the house to make your family members smile. For instance, you could take the cat that is standing on its hind quarters with its paw up in the air reaching for something and place him under a kitchen light switch or a cookie jar (or in the cookie jar). Or maybe take the one that is stretching and place him on your dozing child so that when he wakes up, he has a small wooden kitty stretching on his chest (provided the sleeping victim doesn’t move). Each cat is about 4cm x 4cm and is made out of teak or maple wood. There are six different packages, each with six cats and each package is $15.68 from Pinkoi. Next project – stacking live cats 🙂

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