Workout Sandbags are an alternative to pumping iron

One of the latest crazes in the fitness world is “functional fitness” (strength, mobility and endurance training for real-world use rather than very specific gym-type exercises) and one of the tools that is growing in popularity for functional fitness training is the humble sandbag. Sandbags can be made in varying weights and sizes, plus they are floppy—the constant shifting of the weight provides increased difficulty (not everything in the real world is as convenient to grip and maneuver as a dumbbell). Although fitness sandbags have been somewhat low on the innovation scale, Workout Sandbags has made a some improvements. Shaped more like a pillow than the traditional duffel bag style, they are made in USA from 1000D nylon or 1050D ballistic nylon fabric. Sewn-in rubber handles give a better grip and hook-and-loop closures ensure they don’t leak after you fill them. Individual prices are based on size and material and range from $49 for a Small in 1000D up to $94 for an Extra Large in Ballistic Nylon, plus sets are also available.  See for more info.

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