FEBO is an engraver that uses the sunlight to power your creativity

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I remember using a magnifying glass as a kid to burn leaves or bugs or my brothers leg, but never did it occur to me that it could be used for art. FEBO is a crowdfunded project that has far exceeded its goal thus far.  The unique glass on top will harness the suns rays no matter the angle so that you can easily engrave on wood, cardboard, cork, leather and much more.  They have options that come with stencils to help you create your art or you can freehand a masterpiece if you’re so inclined. If I had one now, I would us it to add permanent initials to a wooden cutting board to be given as a wedding gift this fall, however, they don’t begin shipping until November of this year. Check out the FEBO Kickstarter page to view the different prices and different models they have available. For as little as $35.00 you can get your hands on one and begin to use the sun as an art medium. No batteries needed!

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  • Sandee Cohen August 10, 2015, 3:13 pm

    While almost everyone gives wedding gifts the day of the event, you have up to a year to give a gift.

    If I were the one receiving the gift I would be very happy to wait for it if I learned it would take some time because you are hand engraving it. You don’t have to tell the couple what you’ve gotten. Just that you’re making it something special.

    • Leslie Hosmer August 10, 2015, 5:42 pm

      Thank you Sandee. I was more worried about being punctual, but when you look at the thought and time being put into it in order to make it extra special, I’m sure they would be happy to wait.

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