SOI automatically lights up the interior of your gear bag when you reach for something


The German designed SOI bag light is a great idea for people who carry large gear bags, backpacks or tote bags. It’s a 3 x 1 inch disc shaped LED flashlight that you keep in your bag. When you stick your hand in the bag to retrieve an item, special proximity sensors can tell when your hand is close and will automatically turn on the light for about 10 seconds so that you can see the contents. If you’ve ever needed to find something in your bag at night, in a dark theater or other dark area, you can imagine how useful this little light might be. SOI is powered by two AAA batteries that will last for up to 6000 light cycles. The SOI bag light is priced at $35.49. For more info visit SOI or Amazon to order.

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2 thoughts on “SOI automatically lights up the interior of your gear bag when you reach for something”

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  2. I’ve thought about something like this for plane travel. I find myself fishing around in my bag on the floor when all the lights are off. Sure I can turn on my seat light but it tends to blast everybody else and not get to the bag on the floor anyway. Nice idea.

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