A tortoise by another name… the Nendo Kame upright 55 carry on

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Nendo Kame

A decent set of luggage is almost paramount these days when doing extensive or long travel. While polycarbonate luggage is usually a little more durable and lighter, it often only comes in a clam shell design (basically the suitcase zippers down the middle and opens with two equal size sides). Fabric luggage usually has a front flap opening design and sometimes even outer pockets for last-minute stowage, but they tend to be a little heavier and a little less durable than polycarbonate. Nendo, a design company out of Japan, has come up with a hybrid design called the Kame upright 55 (Kame means tortoise or tortuga in Japanese). The Kame has a hard polycarbonate back and sides and a cloth front cover that has long notches on the vertical to allow the cover to be rolled open (think iPad Smart Cover). The front cover also has the same type of notch about 3/4 of the way down to allow you access to items in the suitcase without having to open it all the way up. The Kame comes with a built-in cable lock to secure it when you need to step away. It is 550mm (21.65 inches), and will be available in 4 colors perfect for all your carry on needs. No price has been announced yet, but more information can be found at the FPM (Fabrica Pelletteri Milano) site or the Nendo design site.

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