Wearing this frozen vest will help you burn fat

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How’s that new year’s resolution to lose weight going for you? Give up already? Maybe eating healthy and being more active hasn’t worked and you need some extra help. Here’s an idea, wear the Cold Shoulder vest. It’s a vest with ice packs arranged on the back and shoulders that you keep in the freezer. According to the inventor (a NASA scientist):

My own clinical trials of The Cold Shoulder suggest that when used twice a day taken directly from the freezer and worn until the ice melts, results in accelerated fat loss at the rate of about one pound a week, corresponding to about 500 calories burned per day.

Apparently wearing the vest for 45-90 minutes twice a day while you do other things will make your body work harder to keep your temperature up. This causes your body to burn fat at a rate of a pound a week. The vest can be worn by men or women and comes in XS up to XXXL sizes. Makes me shiver just thinking about it, but if you’re ready to try the Cold Shoulder, it’s available for pre-order for $149.99. Or you can save yourself some cash and duct tape some freezer packs to your back.

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9 thoughts on “Wearing this frozen vest will help you burn fat”

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  2. Just an FYI, I have a friend who was a “NASA Scientist” Also worked for JPL and Northrop. But also believe in every conspiracy theory out there, Lives 100% off the grid, recycles his own urine, and sleeps in a Faraday cage to prevent people from “reprogramming” him while he sleeps. Genius yes, he is a freaking math and electrical genius, however he’s long pasted the days of “walking the line of crazy” he’s strapped a jetpack to his back and that line is now a speck in the horizon. Kinda sad, tho. So don’t assume NASA scientist = Good idea.

  3. @Andrew Baker -Perhaps your friends is not crazy. The technology we have today is science fiction a couple of decades ago. May be he saw the future and what is possible.

    1. @Chriszzz I think you’d have to turn the AC pretty cold to match how cold it would be wearing a frozen vest. 😉 Hey, maybe I should just go sit outside right now for 45 minutes since it’s 10 degrees here!

      1. Don’t sit outside, but go out for a brisk walk in lightweight clothes. Even shorts.

        Walk hard enough to bring your body temp up. You’ve just burned more cals than you would have taking a similar walk bundled up.

        It takes more energy to warm your body in colder weather.

  4. Tell it to someone in Boston!

    I saw the “Atlantic” article on this. I noted that there were 2 scientists who promoted the concept; one from Alabama or Mississippi and the other from southern California.
    You won’t find anyone from the North promoting this idea.

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