Know Your Knots Bandana is a multi-functional accessory for the outdoorsman

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Most everybody has used a bandana.  They are useful for many things – tying back your hair, tied around your head to act as a sweat catcher when you’re working or playing hard outdoors, wrapping up things in your bag…  Now they can even serve as a reference guide.  The Know Your Knots Bandana from Colter Co. has 16 of the most essential outdoor, sailing, climbing and survival knots printed on it:  Lark’s head, overhand knot, whipping knot, sheet bend, double fisherman’s knot, slip knot, figure 8 knot, figure 8 loop, alpine butterfly, bowline, clinch knot, clove hitch, square knot, timber hitch, taut-line hitch, and two half hitches.  It’s a generous 22″ square, so it’s big enough to use for your normal bandana purposes, then it can show you how to tie the knot that could make packing up gear easier or could even save your life.  The Know Your Knots Bandana is $28 from Colter Co.

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