SuperTooth Disco Twin Bluetooth Stereo Speakers are paired for true left/right stereo sound

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This pair of Bluetooth speakers from SuperTooth provide 16W RMS audio power, with double speakers in front and a high-efficiency bass reflex system in back to produce true left/right stereo sound.  The Disco Twin speakers have NiMH batteries for portability.  A charge gives your 1500 hours of standby time, 3-4 hours on high volume, or 10 hours on medium playback volume.  They use Bluetooth 3.0 and have a 33-ft operating range.  They measure about 7.2″ X 4.25″ X 2.8″ and weigh 1.2 pounds.  They are compatible with all A2DP-enabled devices, and they support Bluetooth AVRCP, so you can use your connected device as a remote control.

The Disco Twin Bluetooth Stereo Speakers are $131.87 directly from SuperTooth.  If you prefer to order from Amazon, you can also get them for about $140.  (Is this close enough to your $125 mark, Sandee?  🙂 )

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5 thoughts on “SuperTooth Disco Twin Bluetooth Stereo Speakers are paired for true left/right stereo sound”

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  2. OMG!!!

    Janet, you read my mind! And found EXACTLY what I’m looking for!

    You are a genius!

    I’m going to click the link and buy them immediately!

  3. Just set up my Super Tooth bluetooth speakers for the new office. Handel is now filling my new office area.

    The sound quality is fine for my ancient ears.

    One thing though, playing Pandora through the bluetooth on my MacBook Air kept cutting in and out. I know the speakers are on a shelf above the computer, but I didn’t expect it to be so bad.

    But pairing with my iPhone which is sitting on the same shelf has no problems. Who would have thought the little device would be better than the big one?

    Finally, this is the second new bluetooth device I’ve set up in as many days. There’s this cool new feature for the devices. When you turn them on/off or set them to pair, a nice voice says Hello/Goodbye. And the wireless speakers have a voice that says Left and Right. Because it’s important to know which is the left for pairing.

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