Your game controller won’t slip with SquidGrips

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When it comes to playing video games, I have been known to play for 2 or more hours in a session. Gaming like this is not un-common especially in my latest conquest Destiny. The problem is, that after an hour or so of holding my controller I find that my hands start to sweat a little making my controller a little slippery and hard to hold. SquidGrip is a product designed to solve that problem. The SquidGrip is low profile, stick-on wrap that helps wick away sweat from your hands and gaming controller. The SquidGrip is made of a anti-microbial latex free material and is designed to be peel and stick for quick applications. The SquidGrip comes with 1 set of wraps, a badge set, a sticker and application and cleaning instructions. Available from several retailers starting at $14.99, they offer SquidGrips for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS 2/3 and PS 4. If you want to keep a firm grip on your gaming you may want to check out SquidGrips.

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