LEGO will soon be offering a Big Bang Theory set, but you can get your hands on unofficial sets now

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One of my favorite TV shows is The Big Bang Theory. What’s not to love as it features a group of geeky friends that like all the same stuff that I do: computers, gadgets, video games, comic books, etc. Fans of the popular TV show who are also fans of LEGO showed their support by voting on the Big Bang Theory set when it was proposed through the Lego Ideas program. The idea for the set received over 10,000 votes, prompting LEGO to start working on a limited edition set which will be available soon. There’s no news on availability and price for this set yet, but if you can’t wait, you can actually get a custom Big Bang Theory LEGO set NOW. I happened to find some on eBay. Granted it’s just a set of custom printed mini figures, but it’s still really cool… although it’s expensive at $115 and is missing Amy and Bernadette minifigs. Head on over to eBay for more info.

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