Never leave your charging cable behind again

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When you travel with your mobile devices, you may carry along your charging cable and AC adapter so you can charge up your device.  Have you ever taken a few minutes to charge up your device between connections or before checking out of your hotel, and finding out later that you grabbed your phone but left your charging cable behind?  With the ChargerLeash, you won’t forget the cable again, because these charge-and-sync cables sound an alarm when you unplug your device.  There’s an Apple 30-pin connector version ($23), an Apple Lightning version ($30), and a microUSB version ($20).  These cables are 3 feet long, and each has a module that beeps and flashes lights to remind you to grab it when you disconnect your phone or tablet.  There are also Pro-Series versions of the microUSB ($23) and the Lightning ($34) cables, which add some extra length and a snooze mode to silence the alarm without unplugging it from the power source.  Check out all these ChargerLeash cables at The Grommet.

4 thoughts on “Never leave your charging cable behind again”

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  2. How are the these on the website about a year ago. At the time they only had the 30 pin version, but it’s really a nice cable.

  3. @Smythe I somehow didn’t find your review when I searched the site before I wrote the post. I’m sorry for the duplicated information, but at least there was the new Lightning cable to make my post a little newsworthy.

  4. I love all the new doodads and cables and thingies for USB devices.

    Unfortunately I keep getting “This accessory may not be supported.” And then I find out that the charge takes forever, or I can’t sync with the computer, or some other problem.

    These companies have to be more specific with how well they do (or don’t) support all the features that a cable is supposed to do.

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