This bathtub grows with your baby

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Any new parent is aware of how much stuff a baby requires, and they’re also aware of how much room all of that stuff requires.  While you don’t have to have a special tub to bathe the baby, those infant tubs do help make bath time feel a bit safer.  We had a nice baby tub when our daughter was born, but it was huge and impossible to store.  The Naked 2-Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub from Boon folds flat to make it easier to find a place to store it.  If your child is too young to sit on her own, partially open the tub to recline the baby and keep her head out of the water.  For older kids who can sit, completely open the tub.  It even has a drain in the bottom to make cleaning up after bath time less of a chore.  The Naked 2-Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub is available in green, blue, or pink for $69.99 from Boon.  You can also find it at other retailers, such as Amazon (also has red and orange tubs) or BabiesRUs (only has blue).

4 thoughts on “This bathtub grows with your baby”

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  2. I’m a big fan of all these collapsible bowl-type products. I have a tub for soaking my feet and a bucket.

    NYC apartments are really small.

    But I don’t have a baby and the cat doesn’t like being bathed, so I will skip this.

  3. This would have been nice. Our biggest pet peeve with our Sons bathtub was storing the stupid thing. We ended up keeping it inside the adult bathtubs because it was the only location were were not continually tripping over it. However this got annoying when I wanted to use the adult tub. Of course now our son uses the adult tub and keeps all his toys in there. So Now I either have to empty the tub when I want to use it, or take a bath with Bubble time elmo and 40 rubber duckies.

    As for the Cat. EAK. My first cat was WEIRD (miss you Cringer sniff). She loved showers. Every morning she would run into the shower and shower with me. Then I would have to dry off a long haired soaking ball of fur. If I refused to let her in with me she gave me 4 cold cat shoulders the rest of the day. So bathing her was never an issue. She rolled in Fertilizer all I had to do was take a shower, and shampoo her. She lured me into a unsafe sense of security for cat bath behavior. Along comes our second cat who decided to roll around in every gross thing she could find. I bring her into shower with me knowing she probably would be ticked off once I got her wet, but it wouldn’t be THAT bad. OY the second the water came on I was trapped in a little glass box with an demon who’s 5 out of 6 points were locked into “puree with malice” mode. She was bouncing off the glass, tile, floor, ceiling while hissing spitting and slashing. I was cowering in the corner trying to simultaneously fend off the feline blender with the water nozzle and open the glass door. Once the door was opened a fraction of an inch she morphed into a form to escape and “wash” the remainder of the house while traveling out the cat door and into freedom. All while I lay dying of blood loss on the shower floor. NOT FUN.

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