Two new 3-in-1 cables from Bloobury lighten your daily carry kit


Last year, we told you about a 2.5′ retractable 3-in-1 cable from Bloobury that combined an Apple 30-pin connector, an Apple Lightning connector, and a microUSB connector in one cable.  That cable could easily replace three cables in your gear bag, but what if you’re not a fan of the retractable cable format?  This year Bloobury is adding two new 3-in-1 cables to their lineup.  These cables still have the 30-pin connector, Lightning connector, and microUSB connectors, but they aren’t retractable.  The BlooGlow 3-in-1 EL Electroluminescent Lighted iPhone Sync & Charge Cable is 3′ long, and it has embedded electroluminescent lights embedded in the cable that indicate when the device is charging.  The lights seem to run toward the device as it charges, and they slow down as the charge completes.  It’s available with blue or pink lights for $29.95.  The BlooBraid 3-in-1 iPhone Sync + Charge Extra Long Cable is 5′ long.  It’s wrapped in a cotton braided fabric for extra strength.  Both the BlooGlow and the BlooBraid cables are compatible with all Android devices, all iPads, and all iPhones.  Go to the Bloobury site to learn more and to find links to purchase the cables.

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  2. Good to see these around, but I have a question for you or any other readers: has anyone seen a multi-cable with the Samsung connector for the Galaxy Tab 2.0 (7 inch, 30 pin if I remember correctly)? I have one of these tablets as well as an iPad mini and an iPhone. I would love to have a consolidated cable, but I would guess there isn’t one because of the age of the Tab.


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