This new LEGO set puts girls in their places – working as scientists in the Research Institute

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LEGO worked with  Ellen Kooijman, a geoscientist, to create this new play kit that shows female minifigs as scientists working in the Research Institute.  Then LEGO Ideas members selected this kit that contains everything these three scientists need to “explore the world below, around and above us.”  The chemist figure has a lab with glassware and other equipment, the paleontologist studies details of her T-Rex fossil with a magnifying glass, and the astronomer studies the sky with her star map and telescope.  The set has 165 pieces, and it includes building instructions and a booklet with information about the creator and the professions featured in the set.  The Research Institute set is only $19.99 from LEGO.  It’s sold out at the moment, but you should keep an eye on the LEGO site to see when it comes back in stock.  It’s the perfect gift for all the little girls on your holiday gift list to pique or encourage their interest in math and the sciences, and it’s a great gift for women who already are blazing a trail for the younger generation.  (Like me – I have a BS in chemistry and would love to have these little scientists sitting on my desk!)

4 thoughts on “This new LEGO set puts girls in their places – working as scientists in the Research Institute”

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  2. Smythe Richbourg

    I love this! My wife is in Medicine, and one of my daughters is in the Social Sciences (I know, most geeks don’t consider that “real” science, but it is!) Good on Lego!

  3. @Julie It’s a shame they don’t have a gadget lab. If only they sold a product that would let you build your own sets and designs, fueled by imagination and energy drinks. I personally want that Dinosaur, I think he would look awesome as a pilot for my giant millennium falcon.

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