Tablift hands-free tablet stand review

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I constantly struggle with the tablet vs. laptop decision.  Laptops are great, but tablets are lighter.  But tablets don’t exactly do the hands-free or lap TOP bit very well unless you have some fancy case or stand.  Today let’s take a look at the uniquely-shaped Tablift.

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There’s not a whole lot to the packaging.  Open it up and there you go.

tablift 05

Take it out, and this is what the Tablift looks like in “storage” mode.

tablift 06

Unfold the bendy legs, and you get a spidery looking… thing.

tablift 10

Each leg measures 14 inches long.

tablift 07

The Tablift base has three slots to hold most tablets to suit the viewing angle you want.

tablift 13

tablift 14

tablift 15

Here’s the iPad Air in the three slots.  The top position puts the tilt slightly towards the viewer, and the middle is a more neutral position.  In the rear position, my iPad Air (landscape mode) wasn’t wide enough for the elastic clip.  Otherwise, the elastic and clip keep tension on the tablet to keep it from falling out.

tablift 16

tablift 17

tablift 18

I normally use my iPad air in a case.  The Tablift works, but the clip pulls my particular case just a little on the edge.

tablift 19

One nice little touch:  When in portrait mode, the iPad Air’s charging port lines up nicely with a hole in the Tablift base.

tablift 20

At first I thought the Tablift was the most ungainly, ridiculous looking stand I’ve seen, but it’s actually incredibly versatile and adjustable to nearly any task you can throw at it.  It’s teddy bear approved.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Tablift. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

  • Tablet
  • Very adjustable
  • Works better than it looks
  • Cable hole in the middle is a clever touch
  • Elastic and clip holds tablet in place
  • Looks ridiculous (but it works, really)

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  2. I think this would lead to divorce in my house. I hate electronic devices in the bed. The bed is for TWO things. Both do not require electricity of any kind.

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