LazyBunz are water floats that let you sit upright

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Summer activities often include spending time at the beach or lake enjoying the water. If you’re not a fan of inner tubes, swimming noodles, and life jackets as a way to float in the water, check out the LazyBunz water floats for adults. They are bright vinyl covered floats that are made in the USA and can hold up to 300 lbs. What makes them unique is that they are designed to be straddled and turn into a floating “chair” when you sit on them, allowing freedom of movement for your arms and legs. LazyBunz lay flat, so they store easier than some of the other floatation devices. Be aware though that they are not approved as a US Coast Guard lifesaving device. They do look like fun though! LazyBunz are available in 4 colors and are priced at $39.99 each which does seem too high to me for what it is. Also be aware that shipping is $14, but if you buy $100 worth of LazyBunz floats, shipping is free. Visit for more info.

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