The Trapper Keeper is back, with a twist

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Remember Trapper Keepers from your school years – those binders that held papers and folders inside?  Well, they’re back, but this time they’re designed to hold your tablet.  They look the same on the outside, but inside they have a “Silicone 4-Corner Base, which uses stay straps that come up and over the corners of the tablet.”  The inside is lined with microfiber fabric to protect your screen, and the flap has magnets to hold the case securely closed.  The case opens into a horizontal stand for viewing or typing on your tablet.  In addition to the Trapper Keeper design, the new case from Kensington is also available in composition notebook, Pee Chee™, floral, stripes, and even solid colors.  The case comes in two sizes:  one for 7-8″ tablets ($25) and one to fit 9-10″ tablets ($30).  They’ll be available this September.  You can sign up at the Kensington site to be notified when the Trapper Keeper and Mead Collection tablet cases are available.  Some designs are available for pre-order.

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