Flexible charging cables for your travel kit from Mophie

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Do your charging cables sometimes look like a nest of snakes in the bottom of your gear bag?  At only 4 inches long, these memory-flex cables from Mophie won’t get tangled in your bag or your desk drawer.  They look like they’ll be stiff and inflexible, but you can see in the image above that that’s not true, so they allow charging in almost any position.  They’re available in two forms: a Lightning cable that works with any Apple product with a Lightning connector, and a 3-cable USB Travel Kit.  The Lightning cable is available in black, blue, or pink for $19.95.  The 3-cable USB Travel Kit has a Lightning cable, an Apple 30-pin cable, and a microUSB cable.  It comes with an organizer box and is available in black for $44.95.  All of these high-current cables can charge or sync your devices.  Learn more about the Memory-flex Cables at Mophie.

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