Assembling a taco is a snap with these plates

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I hate when we have taco night.  I like tacos, but I hate assembling the thing only to have it tip over and spill everything out onto my plate the minute I set it down.  I don’t like those flat bottomed shells that stand on their own, because they are too wide and require too much stuff to fill them.  The Fiesta Taco Plates would let me use normal taco shells and assemble tacos without them spilling everywhere.  The plates have ridges that will hold three taco shells upright while you fill them; there’s also compartments to hold rice and beans to complete your meal.  The plates are 13″ X 8.75″; they are made of dishwasher- and microwave-safe plastic.  You get a set of four Fiesta Taco Plates (in the colors shown) for $19.99 at Miles Kimball.

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