Come on Natural 20. Daddy needs a new Sword of Wounding.


I’m sure Langly (from The X-Files) would love these Critical Hit +5 Stones of Frost drink cooling stones.  Although they don’t seem to be numbered, they are a pair of icosahedron-shaped pieces of soapstone that will cool your beverage without watering it down.  Store them in the freezer when you aren’t using them, or chill them for at least an hour in the freezer before using them.  Be careful drinking with them in your glass, lest they give you a fat lip or a loose tooth, because they don’t come with any healing potions.  The Critical Hit +5 Stones of Frost are $15.99 at ThinkGeek.  Maybe Dad would like a pair for Father’s Day.

(The title is one of Langly’s lines in The X-Files episode The Unusual Suspects.)

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  • Andrew Baker May 27, 2014, 11:04 am


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