Who needs a fly swatter when you have the Bug-A-Salt shotgun?


House flies are nasty insects that spread disease by vomiting on your food, laying their eggs and defecating more than 10 times an hour. Yuck! I might feel a tiny bit guilty when I squish a spider or an ant, but I don’t feel bad when I kill a fly. When I saw the Bug-A-Salt shotgun, I had to know more. Basically it’s a plastic gun that uses ordinary table salt as ammunition. That’s right, no toxic chemicals. When you pull the trigger, it sprays out a dash of salt that kills flies on contact. The Bug-A-Salt has an accuracy range of about 3 feet and can shoot up to 50 times before needing a reload. Even better is the fact that the gun doesn’t require batteries and is equally effective on mosquitos.

If you’re ready to declare war on flies you can buy a Bug-A-Salt for $39.95. Visit http://bugasalt.com/ for more info.

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  • Pam T. May 30, 2014, 3:11 pm

    So now I have salt all over my house after waging war on the bugs? I guess that’s better than pesticide.

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