Carry a guitar stand in your pocket


Guitar players probably have at least a couple of guitar stands around the house, but if they’re like my husband, they probably often find themselves needing a way to safely prop up their guitar because they don’t have a stand with them.  The Planet Waves Guitar Rest is small enough to go in your gig bag, or maybe even your pocket, so you can have a guitar rest anywhere.  The rest is made of an “inert material” that won’t damage your guitar’s finish – or the furniture’s.  Just lay it on the edge of a table, and friction holds it in place.  You can lean your guitar’s neck against the rest whenever you need to set it down for a moment.  (According to some reviews I read, you’ll probably be safest if there is carpet or a non-skid rug on the floor to prevent the guitar from sliding away from the table.)  You can find the Planet Waves Guitar Rest at Amazon, starting under $2.00.

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