Get your ears on, old school


Instead of a Bluetooth headset or one of those old-fashioned telephone handsets, attach the CB Radio iPhone Handset to your smart phone for some Smokey and the Bandit fun.  It has a mute button that silences the other side like a real CB radio handset, so it’s not going to qualify as a hands-free device and probably won’t be legal to use while driving in all states.  There’s a microphone built into the cord, and a dial on the side to turn it on/off and adjust the volume.  The handset also works as a speaker for listening to music.  It’s battery powered, so it won’t drain your phone’s battery.  Although it specifies iPhone in the name, it will actually work with any phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack.  (The answer and hangup button won’t work with all phones.)  It’s currently on sale for $9.99 at ThinkGeek – a 50% savings.

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