Unit Portables bag system


Unit Portables produces gear bags that are designed to be used individually or together.  In the left image, you see the Unit 01 laptop bag with Units 02 and 03 small pouches and a Unit 04 tablet bag.  (The right image is a closeup of the tablet bag.)  The laptop bag is available for 13″ or 15″ laptops, and the two pouches can be attached inside or outside the laptop bag to customize its use.  The Unit 04 tablet bag accommodates a full-sized iPad or similar tablet, and it can be attached to the Unit 01 bag or used alone.  Unit Portables makes a variety of other bags, including a backpack, tote bag, overnight bag, and smartphone pouches.  Prices range from €25.00 ($34.20 US) for a set of small pouches to €99.00 ($135.44) for some of the bigger bags.

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