Tokyoflash watches giveaway!

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Our friends at Tokyoflash are offering two lucky Gadgeteer readers a free time piece from a selection of their unique wrist watches. You’ve seen us feature their watches here before, so you know that they tell time and turn heads. Continue reading for full contest details. 


Two winners will be chosen. Each winner can pick one watch from the list below:

Kisai Kaidoku (black green or white green)
Kisai OTO (any color)
Kisai Optical Illusion (any color)
Kisai Keisan (silver yellow)
Kisai Stencil Wood (maple any color)
Kisai Spider (black black LCD or black green LCD)
Kisai Online (black natural LCD or silver natural LCD)
Kisai Maru (any color)
Kisai Adjust (any color)
Kisai Logo (black or white)
Kisai Stencil (black or white with blue, green or red LCD)
Kisai Zone (black or green LCD)
Kisai Upload (any color)
Kisai Tenmetsu (any color)

How to enter (please read carefully – any missed steps and your entry will be disqualified):

1. Between now and 12/03/2013 11:59PM EST leave a comment telling us about your first watch or your all time favorite watch.

2. At some point on 12/04/2013, I’ll pick 2 random winners using The winners will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to claim their prize. If I do not receive an answers to my emails in that time period, I’ll do other drawings till the prizes are gone.


1. Only one entry per person (warning: I check IP addresses).

2. Anyone associated with The Gadgeteer may not enter this contest.

3. is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.


The winners are:
#15 Ray Raddatz
#75 Brian
Congrats to the winners and thank you to Tokyoflash for sponsoring this contest!

103 thoughts on “Tokyoflash watches giveaway!”

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  2. My first was a hand-me-down early 60’s Timex, steel expansion band, white face that my dad had worn to work. I was about 7 years old and I had to take off most of the band to get it to fit. It was the start of a life-long obsession with watches and clocks. I currently own about 40 watches, most of which need batteries right now, and at least 3 clocks per room in the house.

  3. My first watch must have been a timex watch with a stop watch. I must’ve lost many watches since then.

  4. Thorsten Makowski

    My mom bought me a Citizen automatic watch, as I was 9
    Stainless steel. Blue!! What a nice blue
    I loved this watch…
    Analog, automatic, too big fir my arm but nice

  5. I had a Mickey Mouse watch with a pink strap as a kid. Mickey’s arms were the hands of the clock and he had a tired/exhausted expression. I’m assuming it’s because he was moving his arms every minute of the day!

  6. My first and favorite was a black rubber Casio my dad gave me when I was 5 years old (just like his!)

  7. I got a really nice seiko watch for my 16th birthday. When the battery died – I took it to get a new battery – I watched the jeweller take it apart. Well – took it home – and intrigued – took it apart again. And again. And again. Eventually – poking around on the inside – it was pretty cool – ended up breaking it. Sigh. Ahh well – ended up becoming an Engineer – so – now I get paid to take apart things… (not really – a software engineer now – but I still take things apart…)

  8. My first real watch was a stainless Tag Heuer. When I got it I wore it everywhere, including the Ocean – where I promptly lost it.

  9. My first watch in 1955, I was six years old, the brand, I have no idea whatsoever, but it was awesome and I know had my own time piece, yes mine! I had to wind in and was told in no uncertain terms, not to over wind it! What happened to it, I have no idea, but then time does past…

  10. Daniel Bertalotto

    My first watch was a cheap Armitron I purchased at Wal-Mart (before Walmart*). It was stainless steel with black face and orange minute and hour hands, plus three small orange needle dials to tell the seconds, days and months. I’m a huge gadget guy when in comes to dial and readout details, from electrical to pressure and depth gauges, so it fit me perfect. It had a great bare utility look while being handsome at the same time.

    I still have it to this day, but unfortunately, the face broke on a hike.

    I’ll get it fixed one of these days. Of course, my jeweler will tell me new glass is worth more than the watch, but so what?!

  11. Favorite watch is a Citizen I got from my grandparents. One of two gifts I ever got from them that was not a time-life free gift. I only wear it on special occasions.

  12. The first watch I remember was a Timex analog. My current favorite is an Orient Automatic, but I do also love my Tokyo Flash watches, including the Maze and a wooden Maru :).

  13. I think my first watch was the classic Mickey Mouse watch with the arms that moved around to tell the time, but that was many, many watches ago.

  14. Can’t remember the first watch I owned, but the first one I purchased with my own money was a plastic digital watch from a museum in Kalamazoo that had a moving hologram of the inner workings of an analog watch! Thought it was fascinating as a kid.

  15. I use a Casio G-Shock for its automatic updating, solar charging, waterproofness, and general unbreakability.

  16. My first watch was given to my by my uncle when I was 13. It was an Ernest Borel which had a kaleidoscope design that had a changing pattern. IWC is my current favorite.

  17. I’ve had a Tag Heuer blue face for over 10 years. Bought it used on eBay and they still sell the same model new. Love this watch. It will probably out-live me.

  18. I had one of the original casio calculator watches…thought I was the bomb in math class in 7th grade!

  19. My first watch was Q&Q indiglo digital watch (MMC2J101Y). Loved its indiglo, worked absolutely flawless during underwater swimming. Hope that these Tokyo flash watches are better.

  20. My First watch was a Seiko digital I bought after my father died in 1977 while flying his single engine plane, it was similar to the one he wore. My favorite is the seiko watch my father wore even though it doesnt work.

  21. My favorite watch was a Pulsar Red LED which I had saved up for from my first job- unfortunately I did not enjoy it too long, my girlfriends home was burglarized and the thief took my prized watch!

  22. My all-time favorite watch was one I got for a friend who is into all sorts of medieval games and fantasy books.

    So this watch was a flat “dial” with a replica of tiny little Stonehenge blocks. If you pointed it in the right direction, you could see the sun rise and set in the winter (or summer) soltise.

    Scout around the web and you can still find the watch for sale.

  23. My first watch was a red LED Timex that I got as a kid in the 1970’s. That was the coolest thing ever!

  24. Mine was an Elgin pocket watch my Dad gave me when I was in first grade. The principal got tired of me coming into his office every recess to check my watch’s time with his clock.

  25. My first was some cheap knock off from a market in my city.

    One of my favorites was a casio that my brother handed me over. It was awesome that the second hand was digital while hour and minutes were analog. On top of that the other digital stuff appeared to be on top of the hands not underneath them.

  26. My first watch was a Smurfs watch I got for my 6th Christmas…I treasured that watch til I was way too old to wear that thing….I wish I had saved it now…it was pretty cool and I could give it to my son. Oh well,Thanks a bunch!Have a great week everyone

  27. First watch I can remember buying was a classic Swatch. I shudder to think what colour combination it sported.

    Really liking all the affordable mechanical watches you can find online these days. Must stop buying mechanical watches. But I don’t have a tourbillon movement yet….

    And if I ever stumble into independent wealth of untold grandeur, maybe a Devon Tread. It would probably snap my puny wrist, but you have to geek out over that thing.

  28. My first watch was a Timex with a plastic band, got it when I was about 14, I don’t remember what happened to it.

  29. My all time favorite watch is my Omega Moon Watch. This is the exact model worn by the Apollo astronauts and on the moon also. Always brings back childhood memories of the 1960’s continuous launch of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions as we eventually fulfilled Kennedy’s wish and sitting around the B/W TV watching Neil Armstrong with my Dad in 1969!

  30. My first watch was a limited edition Mickey Mouse watch in the early 70s. I still have it (minus one half of the watch band).

  31. First watch was a small black watch with a Mickey Mouse watch face with his hands telling the time. Wore it throughout my Primary School life. Lost it at some campfire though.

  32. I had a Citizen eco drive watch years ago. I loved it for never having to change the battery. I gave it away to my uncle. He still wears it to this day.

  33. My Casio G-Shock watch. I think I’ve had this watch for at least 8 years. Took a beating, dents, scratches and still works. I love the fact that the band is still intact. I wouldn’t mind a Tokyoflash though!

  34. My first watch was a Pulsar . I went to see the James Bond movie Live and Let Die and he was wearing the Pulsar red LED with date and the next day found one and got it , had it for about 5 years .
    Was a great watch

  35. The best watch is Casio World Time Wave Ceptor. It sets itself automatically and runs forever. The second best is the Casio Databank watch which is sadly too easy to kill by letting the stopwatch run too long.

  36. I don’t remember my first watch, but one of my favorite was the classic Casio calculator watch. It was so advanced piece of tech to my little mind at that time. But the small buttons made it hard to use.

  37. The best watch of all time is the the Casio G-Shock Riseman! Potentially soon to be replaced with a Pebble if Santa is nice! Not that i wouldnt wear a tokyo flash all the time though!!!

  38. All time fav…the first Pulsar red LED watch!! Can’t believe I ever did this away long time ago 🙁

  39. My first watch and best watch ever was handmade piece of clockwork – it was over twenty years ago. Steel, rectangular frame with three hands, date and moon phases. Big, heavy and missed (drown by the accident in the sea).

  40. Donald Schoengold

    My all time favorite watch is my manual wind omega Seamaster. The only problem with watches of this type is the running cost. It cost me ~500 to have it overhauled and the last time I had it cleaned, it cost me more than twice what the watch initially cost.

    My second best watch by the way is my late father’s watch he got when he retired – an engraved Bulova.

  41. My very first watch was a Davy Crockett Disney watch (which gives you some idea of my age). I remember that the packaging said it was water-resistant or water-proof so naturally I had to fill the bathroom sink and submerge it. Fortunately I managed not to destroy it. I’d love to know what one of those watches in good condition would fetch on eBay.

  42. My first watch was Casio with black strap leather .I used to love it and used to wear everyday at school 🙂
    My all time favorite watch is sport watch from Casio . I love wearing these colorful watches .

  43. A Timex analog from Sears or K-Mart. Don’t remember it but it was about the only places my parents shopped.

  44. my all time favourite watch is the Seiko SRP043K1 “Spork” great bezel design and movement. resin straps.

  45. Gary T. Shepherd

    My first watch ever was a Mickey Mouse windup given to me by our school librarian, and it meant a lot to me. I have no idea where it ended up as this was 1967. It was my pride and joy for quite some time.

  46. Timex I got for my 8th birthday and then broke a few days later in a epic bike wreck (only the watch was injured).

  47. My favorite watch is a Breitling Avenger II Chronograph; my wife got it for me as a gift after a big promotion that I worked very hard to achieve. She engraved it with “I love you more every second”. Thus, it is very special to me. Beyond the sentimental factor, the watch is beautiful…I have the leather band and metal bands (both are fantastic). I’ve really taken a shine to utilizing the leather band more that I thought I would. Took me a few wears to get used to the seconds hand being in the lowest instrument panel and not the sweeping arm. Keeps great time, get compliments on it often, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a good blend between dressy and dress down. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s watch stories. 🙂

  48. Christopher Gordonn

    It’s coincidental that this drawing is being held today, Dec 3rd, which just happens to be my 50th birthday. 40 years ago today I was given my very first watch for my 10th birthday. I remember it clearly, it was a Timex with a silver colored case and a thin black leather strap. I wore it everywhere, even into to the tub at bath time. I swear I must have worn the luminescence off the little green markers by playing with the watch and a flashlight at bedtime.

  49. My first watch was a digital watch. Push a button and glowing red numbers would tell you the time. I was 8 or 9 years old.

    My favorite watch was given to my by my mother-in-law as a wedding present. I honestly can’t remember the make/model — it was stolen about 10 years ago.

  50. My first watch was a Timex, with back glow light. Forgot what the trademark name for that line, but I was fascinated by being able to read the time in the dark.
    My all time favourite watch was a Fossil with gold Mickey Mouse watch face, complete with leather strap. I think this was my favourite because I was in the dating phase of my life, and has so many good memories associated.

  51. I bought a Fossil watch twenty odd years ago. The face was silver with a plane and the band was braided leather. I wore that watch for years.

  52. My first watch (1959) was a graduation gift from my parents — I still have it and it still runs.

  53. would totally love one of these. I remember getting the first swatch watch back in grade school…it looked like a taxi cab. so light and it was like a magnet as everyone wanted one!

  54. My mom brought me back a really cool watch that had an f-16 screen printed on a second hand plastic disk. I guess that tells how long ago it was… It was awesome! Somebody stole it, and since she got it on a military trip to the building facility, not replaceable.
    Now i’m bummed for the day.

  55. My favorite watch was a simple cheap casio that I rescued from the lost and found of a restaurant that I worked at. It lasted years and I generally destroy watches (cause I’m a clutz) within a year of buying them.

  56. My favorite watch was my Seiko Kinetic Auto Relay watch. Unfortunately the strap on it broke and after numerous attempts I have not been able to fix it. Now it just sits on my desk. 🙁

  57. My favorite watch right now is a mechanical pocketwatch that shows all the inner workings of thewatch!

  58. My favorite watch was a 1:face watch I got last year. Digital watch with a minimalist design. Just ordered 2 more to help support the Philppines hurricane victims

  59. My first watch was a Cinderella watch I got in first grade. I was looking at it in class one day and all of the sudden the hands started spinning out of control. The spring had broken. 🙁

  60. My first watch was a 1976 LED Pulsar which you had to push a button to read the time. This watch is exactly the reason why I like mot of the Tokyoflash watches so much.

  61. One of my grail watches would be to get a Omega Ploprof with a shark-band. Something you image Jacques Cousteau would have worn on one of his dives?

  62. I can’t remember my first watch, but my favorite watch has been my Movado. I love how slim a profile it has and it is just an elegant watch that can be worn if I am dressed up or down.

  63. My first watch was a dressy small diamond watch with a small black rope band. Still have it after many years and still works. A great watch

  64. Pulsar – first digital watch that you could turn on without pushing a button. Had to have one and eventually I did!

  65. Pretty sure my favorite watch is still the Skagen 806XLTBD I picked up for myself a few years back. It fulfills my need for analog dials but packs it into a super thin package that is always comfortable to wear. I always thought the color combo was a little different and looked good, as well.

  66. My favorite watch has to be my Omega Seamaster Professional. if it’s good enough for Bond, it’s good enough for me!

  67. My first watch was a Disney Mickey Mouse watch my parents bought for me when we went on our first Disney World Trip (that I was actually old enough to remember). My favorite watch is my current Omega Speedmaster Professional

  68. My favorite watch was a Louis Vuitton tambour watch that my uncle gave to me. It looked stunning and whoever wore it always looked like a million bucks. However, it couldn’t tell time that well, and 3 months later, I sold it on eBay.

  69. My favorite watch is my grand fathers 1960’s Rolex that he gave me before he passed away, brackets and frame is all steel with a pearl white finish on the inside!

  70. I had one Adidas watch which I won in a contest, light blue silicone straps, can’t forget that one.

  71. My first (and only) watch was a scooby-doo watch when i was about 8 years old. My wrist was so small that even on the smallest adjustment it would slide around and i ended up scratching the glass so much that you could hardly see through it anymore.

  72. My all time fave is the Lange und Sohne 1815; a beautiful mechanical watch that, with proper care, will still be running in the 23rd century. How many watches can make that claim?

  73. I don’t remember my first watch, but I remember one of my favorites was a watch that had analog and digital time and also could do all sorts of little things like stopwatch, date, calculations. It almost reminded me of an inspector gadget watch!

  74. My favorite watch is a Chris Ward. You get a quality watch for the money and very few people have one.

  75. My first watch was GE digital watch bought by my parents after graduating secondary school. It had a blue round face with the LCD digits in the middle. Looking back now I thought it was futuristic but in reality it was pretty awful! My current watch is a Seiko Coutura.

  76. My Grandmother bought me my first watch. Will never forget it, although I cannot remember the make. I remember well that it was Gold, obviously not real, but it was awesome. Like you do, I could not stop looking at this magnificent timepiece on my wrist, even though I had just looked at the time.

  77. My first watch ever a 1967 rolex datejust given to me by Yoko Ono as a bonus for selling 650k of her art…a 2,500 dollar watch for selling 650,000 dollars in art. I didn’t keep it and it was quite some time before I found out it actually belonged to John. I think I may suffer form some type of time released retardation.

  78. David Ferrandino

    My first watches the Casio sports watch when I was only nine years old. 1978 It had a alarm, stopwatch, Waterproof and lit up. Back then it was state-of-the-art . I was cool when I wore it.

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