Turn almost anything into a controller with the VERVE


Hackers, makers, tinkerers (is that a word?), programmers, and general noodlers should check out the VERVE Kickstarter project. The VERVE is a controller that connects to your PC or Mac.  You plug up to 7 sensors into it that can be used to translate your activity into game controls or keyboard commands. The 7 included sensors provide a variety of ways to interact with objects. There’s a force sensor, push button sensor, light sensor, turn sensor, motion sensor, magnet sensor and a touch sensor. Connect a motion sensor to a baseball bat and use as the controller for your favorite baseball game. The possibilities are endless. With less than a week into the project, they are already close to being fully funded. A pledge of $99 reserves one set complete with all 7 sensors and shipping by the holidays.

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  • Andy Chen October 30, 2013, 10:17 am

    Oh, I like this! Imagination is running…

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