Eau Good water bottle makes tap water taste like bottled water

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I like the taste of bottled water much more than the taste of the water that comes out of a tap. But buying bottled water is both expensive and wasteful due to all the plastic. Enter the Eau Good water bottle designed by European design firm Black and Blum. The Eau Good is a BPA free plastic bottle that has been specially designed to hold a Binchotan filter. What is Binchotan you ask? It’s a natural charcoal filter made from oak that balances the pH, reduces chlorine and mineralizes drinking water to make it healthier and better tasting. Each filter lasts up to 6 months before it needs to be replaced. The 27 oz bottle is priced at $20 and replacement filters can be purchased 2 for $10.

4 thoughts on “Eau Good water bottle makes tap water taste like bottled water”

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  2. If you are out and about, carrying one refillable bottle significantly lighten the weight.

    For $5, one could buy the “filter” on the same company and use it with another inert bottle like a glass or stainless steel bottle. Or if you are cheap, just throw a piece of mesquite chalk coal in your existing water bottle and let your taste buds decide.

    I am not sure I would call it a filter. A filter typically act as a barrier for unwanted substance between two volumes of material. This “filter” is submerged in water with unwanted impurities and its job is somehow absorb that water and expel pure water while trapping impurities. I am not sure how it is able to work that magic in a short amount of time (less than an hour, as I filled the bottle and want to drink from it soon) without any mechanical mean to push the water through it.

    If it is not working, you are paying $5 for a lump of coal in your drink, gullibly.

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