Now you can control your light switches with WeMo controllers


I recently reviewed the Belkin WeMo Smart Home Automation Switch, and I’m still happily using four of them everyday to control my table lamps and the Fake TV.  There are some rooms, like the bathroom, that don’t have table lamps, but I’d still like to be able to remotely control my ceiling fixture in there.  The WeMo Light Switch from Belkin can add WiFi control to a wall switch, so I can control a lighting fixture wherever I have access to the internet – whether I’m in the bedroom or in China.  The WeMo Light Switch can replace any single light switch with a ground wire.  It will not work with lights with three-way connections, where two switches control the same light.  It comes with a switch cover, but it will work with any non-metal cover you want to use.  (Metal covers block WiFi signals.)  Just like the plug-in units I currently have, the WeMo Light Switch requires an iOS app for setup, programming, and manual control.  It’s $49.99.

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