Boldly go – and know you have the most accurate uniform out there!

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Halloween is coming, and you want to go dressed as one of the crew from the original Star Trek TV show.  Don’t despair!  You don’t have to make do with cheap costumes; you can have a uniform shirt as authentic as Roddenberry Entertainment can make it.  “Using decades worth of accumulated research and access to original garments, great care has been taken in constructing this tunic.  This replica faithfully represents the original wardrobe seen during the 3rd season of Star Trek – The Original Series.”   They located the exact same double-knit fabric, worked to create the exact color match, and used the original patterns to get the details just right for these replicas.  You can select from Kirk, Spock, Scotty, or Uhura.  The shirts are $199.95 each; Uhura’s dress is $224.95.

They’ll make great gifts for the devoted Star Trek TOS fan’s too.  Lay in a supply of those red shirts for those “special” people in your life.  😉

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  2. Yes, but will the Kirk shirt rip in just the right spot if I get in an over-the-top, drawn out, dramatically scripted fight?

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