Geneva Model S loses a dock and gains much more

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Last year, The Gadgeteer reviewed the beautiful and innovative Geneva Model S. Nothing looked like it (or still looks like it) and the motorized dock was a conversation starter. However, that was so then and this is now. Once the iPhone 5 and new iPad ditched the 30-pin connector, the days of speakers with docks were numbered. The push is on for wireless and dockless speakers; a fact not lost on Geneva. A new, Model S Wireless is now available. Granted, it doesn’t have that unique, motorized dock, but Geneva took the opportunity to upgrade 90% of the internal components. The TouchLight control system was also refined and simplified, and a custom Bluetooth receiver will make wireless pairing with your smart devices quick and painless. The addition of Bluetooth also allows the Model S to now work with many other smartphones in addition to Apple’s. According to Geneva, the difference between the original Model S and the new version is like comparing a luxury automobile to a race car. In other words, the difference should be quite noticeable. If it sounds better than the original, then it should be quite a speaker. The original was.

The wireless Model S is priced at $299.95 US and is available now.

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