The CLIP innovative personal alarm

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I’ve been concentrating on increasing the security of my home recently, but I should never forget about personal security.  The CLIP personal alarm from Unikia looks like an easy-to-use method of discouraging an attacker.  You clip the CLIP to your clothing or bag, and should you ever need it, you activate the alarm by simply pulling it off your clothing and tossing it as far away as possible.  The sudden, loud noise will hopefully discourage your attacker and make him run away from the scene or run to the CLIP to try to silence it.  In either event, you have a chance to run away.  The CLIP is available in pink, black, or silver/gray for €19.95, which is about $26.43 US.  Unikia is a Norwegian product-development company, but they ship world-wide.

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  2. When considering ‘auditory mace’ don’t over-expect its capabilities. Realize that real mace / pepper spray is often nominally effective when police use it. And even police officer’s guns do not always immediately stop determined attackers. These little noisemakers will not make all / some crooks run in fear.

  3. Nice, but how do you change the batteries? The website given on the package for battery change instructions ( does not exist.

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