A grass-filled “litter box” for your dog

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Sometimes I envy cat owners.  Cats use litter boxes, so there are no cold potty breaks in the cold, blazing heat, snow, or rain nor 3:00 AM emergencies in the dark.  With the Porch Potty Premium: First Automated Grass Litter Box for Dogs, you can enjoy the luxury of “indoor plumbing” for your dog.  The Porch Potty Premium has a lot of setup and use functions, so you can set it up on your porch, in your garage or mud room, or even out in the yard.  You can fill it with artificial turf or real grass; you can attach a pipe to drain the Porch Potty or collect liquids in a drain container; and you can clean it manually with plain water or attach a water hose and let the built-in sprinklers wash away the wee.  It has a 2-ft X 4-ft grassy area that should accommodate dogs up to 120 pounds and a scented fire hydrant that signals Fido that this is an okay spot for his business.  You even get a potty training manual.  This could be a good solution for aging dogs who require more frequent trips outside than you can give him or for pets who are home alone while you are out at work or running errands.  The Porch Potty Premium is $279.00 at Amazon.com (click the above link to purchase or to read more).

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  2. Seems like an interesting idea, but the fireplug is too near the edge of the box. Male dogs don’t have great aim and I could foresee lots of unintended puddles over the edge of the box. Better to place the fireplug in the middle so that the box can absorb any “spillage.”

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