Cryptex vaults to make gift-giving more fun – for you!

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Remember the cryptex from The Da Vinci Code book and movies – the small, but complicated vault that would destroy the contents unless opened with the proper code?  A company called 4Thought Products is offering two cryptex-like enclosures to make your friends work for their gifts.  The Vino Vault Wine Cryptex fits over a wine bottle and delays gratification until the recipient breaks the five-letter code that opens the lock.  The Puzzle Pod Cryptex holds money or a small gift inside a clear enclosure that’s just out of reach until the five-letter code is entered.  Once you get the gift, you can continue to use the Puzzle Pod as a coin and money bank.  Both items are made of ABS plastic with an antique chrome and black nickel plated finish.  The Puzzle Pod is $23.95; the Vino Vault is $25.00 and comes with a Spin the Bottle game and a wine bottle template so you can be sure the bottle will fit the enclosure before you purchase it.

4 thoughts on “Cryptex vaults to make gift-giving more fun – for you!”

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  2. Drew,
    We have a special edition metal Vino Vault already designed. We may go into production with it if there is enough consumer demand. It would be even more ornate, have “clicking tumblers” and a stand. Retail cost would be North of $100. This would be the kind of thing that is kept rather than traded or re-gifted around. You can see what the metal one might look like here:
    -Steve Small
    4Thought Products

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